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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

The In-Portal Community members rely on a number of tools and resources used in the course of their work on the Project.  This section allows you to access and utilize these tools: from Developers Guide, User Documentation and Issue Tracker, to Code Repository, and downloads such as Themes and Language Packs.

User Documentation

The User Manual provides end-users with documentation explaining basic functions of the software: setting up, configuring and using In-Portal.

Developers Guide

The Developers Guide provides advanced users and programmers with documentation on how to customize and work with In-Portal's code.

Issue Tracker

The In-Portal Issue Tracker allows us to document and track bugs, issues and various tasks. Before reporting bugs, please read the introduction on How to Report Bugs

Code Repository

In-Portal uses Subversion (SVN) as the repository for the code. It lets multiple developers work on the code and keep things organized.


In-Portal's design is defined by themes and here you can download additional themes to experiment with various designs and layouts for your website.

Language Packs

In-Portal has a built-in support for multiple languages. Language Packs are special sets of settings and values designed to tailor In-Portal for international needs.

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