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Designing Themes & Interfaces

If you are a designer or a coder, please consider contributing your design and slice-up skills to create new exiting themes and interfaces for In-Portal.

Designing Themes & Interfaces


Every website’s design is unique but often users don’t know where to start. Since In-Portal’s look and feel is defined by Themes, it is easy to try and experiment with various designs and layouts for a particular project before choosing the one that is the best fit.


How to Contribute to Design & Interfaces

If you have strong design, XHTML / CSS skills, or usability experience, please consider contributing to our design effort. In order to contribute, please register as a contributor and set your member status to a Contributor.

In-Portal’s Design, Themes and Interfaces are all handled by the In-Portal Design & Interfaces Team. Please also join the team in order to participate in its projects.



If you would like to participate in designing themes or interfaces, the best way to do so is to select one or a combination of several of the following areas of expertise. If you have any of the following experience, please consider contributing to our Design effort:

  • Design Experience – if you specialize in graphic design you can help by designing new themes for In-Portal and providing the Community with the source files of your designs. Basic understanding of In-Portal’s functions is recommended.
  • Slice-up Experience – if you have experience slicing up designs into functional XHTML/CSS layouts you can contribute by putting together new In-Portal themes. Basic understanding of In-Portal’s functions and its Themes inner-workings is recommended.
  • Usability Experience – if you have any experience designing interfaces you can help out by recommending or designing interfaces to make In-Portal more user-friendly and intuitive to use. Solid understanding of In-Portal’s functions and its existing Administrative interfaces is recommended.


Designing Themes

Please let the Design & Interfaces Team know if you have an In-Portal theme that you would like to share with the Community. We will feature it under In-Portal Themes (in the Support & Downloads Section) for the Community to use.

If you would like to design a new In-Portal theme, please consult the Design & Interfaces Team for direction and templates. If you have only one area of expertise (just design or just slice-up, for example), other team members may be able to help you.


Improving Interfaces & Usability

If you are interested in designing or recommending interface improvements for In-Portal (including but not limited to Administrative Console, installation, front-end, etc.), please consider joining the Design & Interfaces Team for collaborative efforts.


Website Improvements

The Design & Interfaces Team is also in charge of the visuals for both of the In-Portal’s websites: In-Portal for Users ( and Developers ( If you have recommendations or would like to participate in maintenance and improvement of these websites, please let us know!


Marketing Materials

Together with the Marketing Team, we are currently working on designing marketing materials to be used for In-Portal’s marketing purposes. These materials include:

  • “Powered by” Buttons
  • Advertising Banners

If you would like to contribute, please consider joining the In-Portal Marketing and Design & Interfaces team.

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