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Helping Others

In-Portal Community is known for its helpfulness.  One of the best ways to give back to the Community is by helping other fellow members through answering questions and recommending solutions.

Helping Others


Ready to Help Others?

No matter how experienced you are, you can help others in the In-Portal Community! Chances are when you first joined, there were other Community members that have helped you. Now you can return that favor! The entire In-Portal Community is built around the idea of members helping each other.


Register as a Contributor

If you haven’t done so, please register as a contributor and set your member status to a Contributor.


Post on Forum

In-Portal forum is the central place for members of the Community to interact with each other, post and answer questions, exchange ideas, and much more. By registering as a contributor you automatically get access to post on the forum and participate in discussions.



  • Please keep in mind our Rules of Conduct at all times
  • Be Patient – keep in mind that everyone’s experience and background is different and some people may need more help than others. Sometimes people may need extra help or explaining – if you easily get impatient, you may want to consider contributing in other areas instead.
  • Be Respectful & Considerate – keep in mind that many Community members are from different cultures and backgrounds. Many use English as a second language, please respect the fact that it makes it more difficult for them to communicate and sometimes things may even come out as rude (which they most likely aren’t).
  • Be a Good Teacher – the best way to help others is by answering questions thoroughly, providing specific concrete instructions and also by referring to sources (User Manual, other forum topics, etc.). Try to be a good teacher – explain and show how you’ve learnt the things you are helping others with. This will help people learn and acquire new experience.
  • Consider Contributing to Documentation – if you find yourself answering same or similar questions that are not addressed in the User Documentation or Developer’s Guide, please consider contributing to them.
  • Disagree Respectfully – if you disagree, do it respectfully and politely. Use good judgment and please watch your manners.
  • Avoid Conflicts – please avoid conflicts, confrontations, and heated discussions and try to calm others if emotions take place. Some people may feel frustrated or anxious – try helping them calmly and remain positive while avoiding expressing your emotions.

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