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By contributing to In-Portal you will become part of the Community that determines its future and turns it into a reality.   If you’ve ever dreamt of a perfect CMS solution for your projects or wanted to become part of something big, this is a perfect opportunity to realize both of these dreams.  There are many ways to get involved so pick the ones right for you:

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute but don't know where to start - please read this section first.

Testing & Reporting Bugs

Learn how to properly report bugs. If you know how to fix a bug or would like to participate in testing, you can also learn about the process here.

Research & Development

In-Portal is fully developed and maintained by its Community. Learn how to participate in planning out and development of new features and solutions.

Helping Others

In-Portal Community is known for its helpfulness. Help fellow members of the Community by answering questions and recommending solutions.

Writing Documentation

Help with our effort of maintaining complete, clear and organized documentation including In-Portal User Manual and Developers Guide.

Designing Themes & Interfaces

Contribute your design and layout skills to create new exiting themes or interfaces for In-Portal.

Translating into Languages

In-Portal has full multilingual support. Learn how you can help by translating In-Portal into other languages.

Promoting & Marketing

Help us spread the word about In-Portal and put your networking and marketing skill to use!

Making a Donation

If you would like to make a difference but don't have the time please consider making a monetary contribution into one of our funds.

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