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All of the work for the In-Portal Project gets done in Teams that are made up of volunteers. Each Team has its purpose as well as an area of functional expertise. Below you can explore teams, learn more about their functions as well as join them to participate in current projects. For more information about teams and how they operate please refer to the Introduction to Teams & Mailing Lists.

Community Team

The Community Team is responsible for the overall project direction as well as the infrastructure

Development Team

The Development Team is responsible for planning and programming new features.

Bugs Team

The Bugs Team is responsible solely for finding and fixing bugs.

Developers Guide Team

The Developers Guide Team is responsible for writing and maintaining the Developers Guide.

User Manual Team

The User Manual Team is responsible for writing and maintaining the User Manual.

Localization Team

The Localization Team is responsible for translating In-Portal and documentation in other languages.

Design & Interfaces Team

The Design & Interfaces Team is responsible for In-portal's interfaces as well as themes and any design elements.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the word about In-Portal.

Resources Team

In-Portal Resources Group is setup to hold the discussions as well as links to other useful resources out there on the web.

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