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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to design and maintain an Open Source Content Management System that reflects the vision and values of the entire In-Portal community and represents a reliable and trusted solution for web developers and webmasters worldwide.

Mission & Vision


We plan to achieve this by following our secondary goal of providing a medium for a community of enthusiasts that is based on collaborative effort, mutual trust, equality, respect and where its members share common goals, interests and benefits, as well as all have their own responsibilities.


Why did we start this community?

We feel that some of the alternative projects do not offer solutions required by many businesses and organizations today. Some of them have grown too big and too fast and became too bulky to properly support smaller projects and organizations that actually make up most of their communities.


What does this mean for community participants?

We don’t think that any project is too small or insignificant. We think that everyone can contribute to the community as well as benefit from participating in the community. We welcome all members and projects with open arms as long as they share our values and follow our Rules of Conduct. We will make sure that all members receive the adequate support they need for their projects and that all members benefit equally.


What are our values?

In-Portal’s community is based on collaborative effort, mutual trust, equality, and respect. Our members share common goals, interests and benefits:

  • Collaborative Effort – we work together in teams to get things done more efficiently.
  • Mutual Trust – we trust each other’s judgments and areas of expertise to gradually improve the software.
  • Equality & Respect – we treat each other with respect and value everyone’s opinion equally.
  • Shared Responsibilities - we believe that benefits come with responsibilities and we urge active participation.
  • Shared Goals & Benefits – we share the same mission of building a kick-ass CMS solution and we all want to benefit from using it in our projects.


What is our vision?

We feel In-Portal is pretty darn good "as-is". However, we think we can make it better, more powerful and versatile.

  • We want to build software that has more built-in features and supports more applications.
  • We want the software that is always secure, reliable and features impressive performance.
  • We want the software to be easily customized and maintained for any needs of the community members.
  • We want the software to meet geographic, demographic, and cultural needs internationally

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