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Translating into Languages

Our goal is to make In-Portal available in most of the world’s languages. It is the vision of the In-Portal Community for the software to meet geographic, demographic, and cultural needs internationally.

Translating into Languages


Do You Speak Another Language?

If you speak another language or would like to tailor In-Portal for your local needs, please consider contributing your effort to translate In-Portal into your language.


Recommendations & How to Contribute

In order for the Community to enjoy high quality translations it is generally recommended that the translations are done by native or fluent speakers. It also helps to have a basic understanding of In-Portal’s Administrative Console interfaces and good writing skills in your language.

Before starting a translation, please check under Language Packs on the website to make sure that the language is not already available. Also, please register as a contributor and set your member status to a Contributor.

In-Portal’s translations are handled by the In-Portal Localization Team. Please join the team if you are interested in contributing to a translation.


How this Works?

When it comes to translating In-Portal – there are several things to choose from. You can help with Translating In-Portal software (Front-end and Administrative Console) and/or In-Portal documentation (User Manual or Developers Guide).


Translating In-Portal

In-Portal has a built-in support for multiple languages. Languages are special sets of settings and values designed to tailor In-Portal for local needs. Each language consists of the following:

  • Localization Settings (charset, date/time format, decimal point and thousands separators, measures system, locale and more) allow you to fully customize not only the language but also the entire environment to fit your local needs.
  • Labels are essentially “phrases” that are output on the front-end and in the Administrative Console of In-Portal’s installations. All interface elements (sections, buttons, menus, messages) are not hardcoded but instead are each presented by a “phrase” (for example “Search”, “Add”, “Login”, etc.) By translating individual Labels you can translate the entire output and interfaces of In-Portal.
  • E-mail Events represent a set of built-in e-mails that the system sends out for various events (for example, for User Registration, Forgot Password, etc.) By translating individual E-mail templates you can translate all e-mails that In-Portal sends out.

Translating Documentation

In-Portal has two sets of documentation: User Manual (for end-users of the software) and Developers Guide (advanced users or programmers) and translating each set requires knowledge of certain jargon. Please join and contact both the In-Portal Localization Team AND the In-Portal User Documentation / Developers Guide Team if you are interested in translating documentation as it will require a collaborative effort of both teams.


Proofreading & Copy Editing

If you noticed a typo or a miss-translation or simply don’t have the time for help with a full translation, you can also help by proofreading the translation (fixing typos, improving language and grammar, etc.) as well as copy-editing for documentations (making the documentation more legible, improving formatting and structure, etc.)

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