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Leadership Team

Meet Team Leaders and other senior contributors that have made In-Portal possible. Please refer to the Teams section for more information on the individual Teams and their functional areas.

Leadership Team

Dmitry Andrejev

Location: Chicago, United States
Timezone: GMT -6

Position: Community Team Leader; Bugs Team Leader

Dmitry is one of the key In-Portal developers and Community Leaders. He is one of the original founders of In-Portal and has been involved in its development since the day one. Dmitry has also contributed to In-Link, successfully deploying hundreds of websites running on In-Link since 2002.

Dmitry is in charge of the In-Portal Community. He also leads the Bugs Team. He has an extensive knowledge of PHP, relational databases, and Linux, as well as years of experience in building and deploying robust projects running on In-Portal.

Dmitry is originally from Latvia – a small country in Eastern Europe. He now lives in the Unites States, in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Phil Banks

Location: Toulouse, France
Timezone: GMT +1

Position : Localization Team Leader

Phil was born and raised in France, where he started his own web development group – WBTC. After his first e-commerce project, Phil found himself searching for a powerful and flexible platform to support his future endeavors. This is how Phil has come across In-Portal and its In-Commerce module, quickly realizing its potential. In 2005, Phil became In-Portal’s Regional Partner in France and has since been participating in many aspects of In-Portal’s development.

Currently, Phil oversees the Localization Team focusing his efforts on translating In-Portal into other languages and adapting it for local needs around the world. Phil also specializes in In-Portal theme development, customizing In-Portal for various projects and hunting for bugs. He always stays on top of new features and is actively involved in all facets of the In-Portal Project.

Andrew Kucheriavy

Location: Chicago, United States
Timezone: GMT -6

Position: Design & Interfaces Team Leader; Marketing Team Leader

Andrew is also one of the original founders of In-Portal. He has come up with the vision for the software back in 2002 right after the success of In-Link and has been involved with In-Portal’s development since. Andrew has contributed to the development of the new website and the re-launch of In-Portal as an Open Source solution.

With a degree in Computer Science and Economics from a Chicago University, Andrew started a company while still a sophomore in school. Today, Intechnic Corporation is one of the leading web 2.0 development firms in Chicago and also one of the key constituters and sponsors to the In-Portal Project.

Despite his busy schedule, Andrew leads the Design and Interfaces Team, as well as the Marketing Team.

Alexander Obuhovich

Location: Riga, Latvia
Timezone: GMT +2

Position : Contributor, Development Team Leader; Developers' Guide Team Leader

Alex is one of the key contributors to the In-Portal Project, managing and overseeing most of In-Portal’s development. He leads two In-Portal teams: the Development Team and the Developers Guide Team.

Born and raised in Riga, Latvia, Alex has graduated in Computer Science from the Riga Technical University. He has since dedicated himself to the world of programming.

In 2002 Alex got interested in web technologies and decided to apply his extensive programming knowledge to programming in PHP, bringing his expertise and advanced programming skills to then a developing programming language. This worked out very well and Alex has become one of the architects of In-Portal, turning it into a solution of choice for many serious programmers.


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