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Web Developers' CMS of Choice

Many individuals and teams in the In-Portal community are web developers who have discovered In-Portal because of their needs for a reliable Content Management System that can be easily tailored for the needs of their projects and clients. If you represent such a team, please consider joining the forces.

Web Developers' CMS of Choice


With a wide-range of commercial and open-source solutions on the Internet today, it may be difficult to choose the right one for your project. In-Portal has some features that make it a strong candidate:


Fully-Stocked for Web Developers

In-Portal was originally designed by a web 2.0 development company for internal use for projects for its customers. Today it is used by many web developers for thousands of websites worldwide. This is why In-Portal is stocked with everything that 90% of websites usually need. Unlike many competing systems where you start with a blank canvas and install dozens of plug-ins and modules, In-Portal comes equipped with most features that most websites regularly utilize. We have refined the list over the years to make sure it covers the most needs without having to do extra work with every installation.


Easily Tailored for Any Project or Client

Even though In-Portal covers most commonly used features, every web project is different. That is why In-Portal’s functionality is expandable with plug-in-play modules.

You can easily tailor In-Portal for your project’s needs by configuring its many options or by customizing it in any way, shape or form. Everything you see (from the front-end’s look and feel, to the back-end Administrative Console) can be branded to your company, customized to your standards and tailored to your customers’ needs.


Open-Source with Support Available

We all know that Open-Source is great. It is Free; it is run by a community; it’s trendy. But what happens when s*** hits the fan? Can you rely on someone you don’t know on a distant forum giving you questionable advice? Well, with In-Portal you get peace of mind knowing that if you ever needed professional support with your In-Portal project – you can get it 24/7. Doesn’t this make you feel more confident in the solution?


Effortless Installation and Configuration

In-Portal is very easy to install and to configure. There is a visual wizard-like interface for everything from installation to configuration. You decide what you want to install and how to configure it – you will be done literally in several minutes. You don’t even have to work with the code or configuration files for most advanced configuration tasks. You will always find intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for all functions of the system.


Puts YOU in Control

In-Portal puts YOU in control of your project. With In-Portal you have a built-in debugger and a Master Admin (root) account that gives you extended control over the website. You can even pick and choose the Administrative Console sections that your users or customers have access to and also what they can do within these sections. In-Portal has three predefined sets of administrative interfaces: Simple, Intermediate and Advanced, or you can create your own. This lets you configure In-Portal depending on how advanced your users are and the scope of the project.


Template Driven Approach

The entire look-and feel of In-Portal is separate from its functionality and is template-driven. What that means in practical terms is that you can design the website in any way – the way that you and you customer envision it. Furthermore, you can even easily customize and brand the Administrative Console by changing the colors, uploading your logo or even completely redesigning it!


International Support

In-Portal is built for running international websites, websites in other languages or adapted for local needs. Whatever your audience, language, cultural adaption or niche is – In-Portal can handle it all.


Try It for Your Project

We invite you to try and evaluate In-Portal for one of your projects. We guarantee that you will be so impressed that it will become the system of choice for all your projects!

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