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Teams & Mailing Lists

All of the work for the In-Portal Project gets done in Teams that consist of community members.   Each Team has its purpose as well as an area of functional expertise.  Currently, there are eight teams.

Teams & Mailing Lists


Having different teams working in different areas allows us to optimize the work flow. With teams we can do multiple things at once while maintaining project’s integrity and taking advantage of team members’ specializations and areas of expertise.


How Do Teams Operate?

Teams consist of In-Portal community members, usually grouped by areas of interest or expertise. Each team has a Team Leader who is responsible for organizing productive work within the team for the purposes of fulfilling the mission of the Project while maintaining structure and order in their team. Team Leaders give out recommendations to other team members, help distribute work and can help get familiarized with the work process. Each team may have their own work flow and procedures depending on its purpose and function.

In-Portal Teams use Confluence that allow us to stay connected, participate in discussions, and more. From within a space (group in Confluence), you can reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of your own. By default, when you watch a space, you will automatically receive messages through your e-mail with individual posts within the space (or summary e-mails daily, however you prefer). For more information on how Confluence work, please check out this tour.


How to Pick Team(s)?


We suggest that you first choose a topic or an area that interests you. You can also join more than one team if you are interested in more than one area. If you are not sure, you can follow a team and then decide whether you want to join. In-Portal Project has seven teams each responsible for one of the following:


Community Team is responsible for the overall project direction as well as the infrastructure – the website and supporting systems).
Bugs Team is responsible solely for finding and fixing bugs.
Development Team is responsible for planning and programming new features.
Localization Team is responsible for translating In-Portal and documentation in other languages.
User Manual Team is responsible for writing and maintaining the User Manual (documentation for users).
Developers Guide Team is responsible for writing and maintaining the Developers Guide (documentation for developers).
Design & Interfaces Team is responsible for In-Portal’s interfaces as well as themes and any design elements.
Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the word about In-Portal.


How to Join a Team

Joining a team is easy. Just pick team(s) that interest you, go to their pages and jump into the discussions. By clicking the “Watch” button you can start discussions, respond to other people as well as receive updates from the group. Make sure before you do that, however, you registered with the website so that you can participate in other areas of the community as well.

As soon as you join, make sure to post an introductory message about who you are, your experience and your interests and other team members will guide you through the process of becoming an actively involved team member. If at any time you feel lost, overwhelmed or simply don’t have the interest or the time for certain things, make sure to let other team members know. It is perfectly Ok as we are all volunteers here.


Team Etiquette & Rules

All Team members adhere to the same rules of the entire In-Portal Community (outlined under Rules of Conduct). Additionally, certain teams may have their own rules and procedures depending on the group’s purpose and mission. Please make sure to understand what those rules and procedures are (usually published on each group’s homepage). For example, don’t post bugs in the development team – they claim it is counterproductive and you may get yelled at.

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